Seek first the kingdom, discover the gift…

[FMV] When Love Conquers Distance (Celebrating Sun&James’ Wedding) from SUNlights WorldWide on Vimeo.

South, Korea – Wonder Girls’ leader and member Sun Ye tied the knots with Canadian-Korean missionary, James Park. So how am I going to sum up my feelings how God proves to be the best author of our life stories as well as our love stories?

After watching the video posted above, it was so good of Sun Ye, a Korean Idol to spend one week vacation for her service works as a Christian than for a beauty rest or a sleep over and how one week changed her life forever, is just very amazing. It has been her dream to have the family she longed for since she was a kid and James proposing to her is a sign  that it is the time for her to have the thing she wanted most.

Fangirl aside, my heart is breaking as well as rejoicing that an active idol of my generation will be a soon-to-be mom yet I’m very inspired that this warm and pure hearted girl found the man to love forever.

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