Spring Days in Korea

A year ago, I had the best of my Spring days in Korea. If I knew then how hard for me to travel again this year; I probably would’ve stayed a little longer, sleep-deprived myself a little more, and stayed fully doing more of the things I want.

April, 2019- We visited Korea the second time around and guess what, we literally found our HEART AND SOUL in Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island. Words can’t describe how much fun we had in Korea, even though we were literally traveling with only 2-4 hours of sleep, eating 1-2 meals a day (at most), and ending up breaking my luggage bag and rubber shoes. It was all worth it!

Of course, my trip to this country will never be the same, if I wasn’t with my best friend. Watch us fall in love again and again in South Korea as we explore again their cities, provinces, life, and culture. 🙂

When all of this pandemic is over, I promise. I’ll see you again, South Korea.

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