When I was in Nursing school, one area of nursing that made a huge impact in my life is my Mental Health rotation. During my rotation in a mental health unit, I was amazed by the hormones and neurotransmitters in our system and how it could affect our feelings and emotions. I've also seen people [...]


I've been looking for 'that' change since a year ago, when my family and I migrated from Philippines to Canada and my only wish aside from God's guidance and a good luck in this new world was a friend. I don't want more, I just asked for a one real friend who can be with me [...]

R18: ORIGINAL MOVIE. Fiction movie depicting real life.

Elena's mother is losing her vision gradually leading her to abandon her placid life in Iloilo to find a stable job in the suburbs, only to find out that the life in the real city is far from what she imagined. Elena is forced to do things against her will, the weight of providing food [...]