I’ve been looking for ‘that’ change since a year ago, when my family and I migrated from Philippines to Canada and my only wish aside from God’s guidance and a good luck in this new world was a friend. I don’t want more, I just asked for a one real friend who can be with me in this new environment. A week after arriving here, I met someone. She is a SHE, so this is not a romantic blog post or whatsoever  but though she has an attitude and bitchy side, I’m now seeing God’s purpose for bringing her to my life.

She has been inviting me to join their bible study for quite sometime and I asked God’s sign if I should because I’m committed to my work which I know is wrong to be my priority over Him, after receiving the sign I just made an action a month ago and amazingly, the depression, the weakness, the fear I have inside of me, I found someone to share with, how to deal with. I’ve learned to appreciate the words in the bible, to consult it randomly before sleeping and to act accordingly. I am still the same as before, I do what I want and I seek freedom that my parents can never understand, but somewhere in me, I found the comfort place of all the worries I have.

This is just amazing that I can’t even explain but God’s presence in me, I’ve never felt like this way before. And for the God given friend I have, I am always thankful meeting her for she has shown me the right way in this new world I’m living in. Who would have thought, I’m feeling this way in a liberated place I am living now?

One thought on “TOWARDS THE CHANGE.

  1. Wow! You’ve just had the best experience ever. =) Glad how you’re actually heading towards “that” change =) Will be backing you up with lots of prayers from here. I release the Holy Spirit to keep you consistent with the things you’re doing there. Keep it up, girl! God bless you! And after reading this….. Can I be more honest? I missed you.. really really missed you. =(


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