Hayate The Combat Butler is another Chinovela / Taiwanese series to watch for; with its comical plot, fast phased story, easy to like characters, and catchy OST one who’ll watch will surely love this another manga adaptation from Taiwan.

At first, I never thought Park Shin Hye and George Hu have that nice chemistry! George Hu looks like a cute teenager matches he’s character, Xiao Sa (Li Qing Sa) very well. Park Shin Hye on the other hand has a very lovable and child –like face especially when she’s acting like a brat in the story.

Park Shin Hye’s character, Xiao Zhi supposed to have unlovable attitude but I can’t help but love Park Shin Hye in this drama. As always from Stairway to Heaven til now she got me with her acting. Though the story is a lot like Heartstrings; Girl likes boy thingy… Park Shin Hye has given a different flavor in this drama.

George Hu who I have seen in Romantic Princess is another catch! With that look he portrayed well as a loyal, sometimes pitiful butler. Another character who got me was Maria, I don’t know her nor haven’t seen her in the past dramas but she’s a good twist to the story and how she acted from being good to being mean and back to being good.

The OST of this drama is another factor to appreciate the plot. Even after watching the said series, I’ve been hearing the songs play in my brain; has a real huge impact, isn’t it?

For so long, I haven’t watched a Chinovela / Taiwanese drama, and this series makes me remember all the feeling I had before when I was watching Meteor Garden and other dramas from Chinese & Taiwanese.

For the readers, I recommend to watch this adaptation, though I seriously haven’t seen the anime version and haven’t read the Manga, this is worth watching; it has a love story, it is comical, family tied story and makes all girls wish to fall in love over and over again.

PS: If George Hu isn’t a Taiwanese, I will gladly ship for this couple. 🙂

One thought on “Review: HAYATE THE COMBAT BUTLER.

  1. well,,,
    if they really love each other why not????
    thumbs up for the both of you!!!!
    -hygeia enero bercero


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