THE DARE: Life without Facebook

And yes! Facebook is a no big deal thing but one of most want vice or luxury or may be called leisure. I just don’t know how to call this social network. There’s nothing important to do on Facebook; update your wall with the newest events or feelings you have, chat with some friends who are also online and the worst, stalk. Stalk a friend, an enemy, an ex, a crush or even your boyfriend, is that a reason why this site is addictive?


Well, the way I see it since more of people are using Facebook than Twitter, you can get more news and updates on Facebook but Twitter is easier in sharing and updating. So here I am with a dare for myself to stop using Facebook, I don’t know how long can I manage it but so far as I do this blog; I am on my 4th day deactivating Facebook. My facebook apps on my iPod Touch and Blackberry are now actually useless and the 10$ I’m paying for my BBM + Social Network plan is about to end in line with this dare.


Well one must have a reason to do this dare and if you would mind to ask me why… Cause seriously getting updates on Facebook is seriously giving me a lot of stress to think and overthink.


NOW, You wanna dare a life without Facebook too?

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