8 Things That Happen When You Date A Medical Student

Thought Catalog


The medical field is a whole new dimension, and to date someone from it is another galactic experience.

1. They will bring you to another territory. The hospital is full of people who bleed caffeine while fully clothed in white. These people will also instantly make you fall in love with how they perfectly manage their multi-colored highlighters and thick humungous books that sometimes serve as their pillows. Their fluency in the anatomy of the body will inexplicably turn you on after long exposures to random tongue twisters you call “generic names” like medroxyprogesterone.

2. It’s a different world out there. These people always feel the need to rush towards the emergency room with their overly caffeinated bodies. Their daily routine, which is composed of syringes, thick books that you can’t even carry, and random calls from their clinical instructors — having them summoned to the emergency or the…

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