21 Things You Learn After One Year As A Sober 21-Year-Old

Turning 21 soon! 🙂 This is a point to ponder when reaching the maturity age 🙂

Thought Catalog

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1. Everything becomes normal if you do it long enough.

Even sobriety. Even when it seems like it will never get better or easier – it does.

2. Recovery jargon.

Words and phrases like “higher power,” “12 steps,” “Serenity prayer,” and “surrender” become part of your daily life.

3. Who your real friends are.

These might be different than your party friends, but if they are the same ones, they will still love and support you – the sober you. If you’re lucky, they will love and support you even more than they did before.

4. Drunk people are really just adult toddlers.

Think about it…they say whatever comes to mind, cry at the smallest things, are messy eaters, don’t have social skills. Okay, not all of them, but you get the idea.


5. How to find an AA meeting.

Immediately. No matter where you are.

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