I want my life to be like Gwen Stacy’s. I know I am not like her; not as brilliant as her nor as pretty as her. I did not able to save anyone but I know I am good enough to not hurt anyone. But this is not actually about being Spiderman’s girlfriend, it is about dying young.

I wanna die young, bright future shattered. The difference between Stacy is that I want to die young not because of not being saved but because no one can save me. I’m in love yet broken by my strict parents. Parents who favour my brother who commits mistake, than the one who’s loud defending herself. I am all tied-up despite all the accomplishments and achievements I’ve been receiving. The ones who hopes the best for me is killing my future with their words and insults. I want to break free, shoutout loud and jump, do what a 20 years old can do. I pay my own bills, earn my own money, do good in school and responsible enough at home. I laugh with my classmates and friends, giggle with their jokes but at home I’m crying in my pillow finding comfort in the Korean dramas I watch.

I have a lot of dreams, I want to finish nursing school and be a registered nurse. I want to marry and have kids, be a business woman in my home country, grow old and die. Suddenly, because of pain all I want now is to die.

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