He was the guy I despise the most; most people fall in love at first sight but I didn’t. I hated him the first time I ever saw him. I treated him as a joke, because he treated me as a one.  Although I thought he was really smart (in fact, he really is), I never really asked his help with the things I’m having struggles with. I also found him very frugal, but then I slowly realized he is not really what I thought he was.

I learned he’s not stingy, he is certainly not. He is just really different from me, he knows when to spend and when not to. He loves giving but he is not giving himself what  he needs. He is very picky, not picky in foods but to the people he’s going to work with. And so, if he thinks he does not like the manager, he’ll slack with his game while losing the chance to earn bucks. He never forgets important dates and milestones of his loved ones. He also makes it possible to pull off a silly surprise to make an event extra special. He may look like thrifty but he is not, the truth behind it is that he just saves for the person he loves; enough to be called self less when it comes to loving someone.

I used to hate asking help from him, he who did not have any patience to teach simple Chemistry became my life mentor. He spends time teaching me how to drive, I wouldn’t have any car nor the confidence to drive it without him. Moreover, I’m a fool for a computer game yet he wastes time playing and losing every game with me just for me to learn. By all means, he gives me more reason to be thankful and feel blessed in every life’s ups and downs we may come through, because in the end I believe that he is my mean and extreme.

Now, he’s the guy I love the most, next to my dad. I can’t imagine living without him. He’s my bestfriend, my soulmate, my brother from another mother. He can also be my driving instructor, my cook, my Starbucks delivery guy and my League of Legend buddy. He is my world now, and probably my life. The reason who makes me believe that Tom and Jerry can never be forever enemies and how love and fate can move in their mysterious ways.

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    A love story to be envious of<3 Sometimes, love doesn't come in ways we expect it to, not wrapped in the form we prefer…It shows how fate can turn one's world around in a moment, and see that the person you thought you'll never love becomes the person you'll ever need. You're caught with surprise, the one that you want is right in front of your eyes.


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