Bigbang MADE Tour in Manila Diary

July 30, 2015

Since BIGBANG is currently kicking off the last leg of their world tour! I’d like to reminisce the experience of being able to watch them live for their M-A-D promotion.


It was the day that I’ve been waiting for! This was the second time that I saw Bigbang perform live.. but I’m still nervous and thrilled to see them again just like what I felt the first time that I laid my eyes on them 3 YEARS AGO.

FB_IMG_1454475859959-01Tadaaaa here is the 20K ticket. (sakit sa bulsa but hey I’m a legit fangirl :P)

Two months ago, we went to Pulp office just to avail the Pulp Royalty/VVIP ticket, which included a “sound check pass”, front row seat, Send-off party and official merchandise freebies. Actually, ever since I was in 3rd year college I already promised to myself that someday I’m going to buy a VVIP ticket just to be closer to my fave band! And yes! It’s really happened!

We were holding our soundcheck/send-off ID outside MOA arena while waiting for the gates to open


At 5:30 pm we’re already inside the arena for the SOUNDCHECK.

And dahil sobrang ma-diskarte kami that night napunta kami sa pinakaharap, on the middle spot! cats.jpgSuper near on the stage (abot kamay spot).  See?? Shocks. My hands are already trembling.

In here Taeyang shouted “Mabuhay! I said, you guys ready?”:11

Suddenly Bigbang went out of the stage singing “We Like To Party”– the fans, the lights, and the music started to roll. (I’m so excited and thrilled that some of the photos are kinda blurry and most of the time I’m recording videos.) Capture-horz

Okay. I CAN’T BREATH JUST THINKING ABOUT IT because GD stayed right in front of me!

IMG_4698And here’s the epic part, he pointed his hands on me when he sang the chorus part of the song “Bang! Bang! Bang!” I died! Literally, I died. My phone almost fell from my hand.

In the picture, I was crazy and super kilig, thinking that the actual concert will start in 2 hours pa!! Feeling ko yung lahat ng binayad ko sulit na, soundcheck pa lang nakarami na sa fan service 🙂


When we were outside the door of the VVIP section.. I was like, “THIS IS IT. WE’RE SO READY BIGBANG”!

I’m a G-dragon stan and my friend, Lara, is a big fan of Taeyang. So expect that most of our concert photos are focused on the two of them hihihi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

When we came in to the arena, guess who  we saw at the back part of the VVIP section… FB_IMG_1454475748961-01.jpeg

It’s none other done.. the Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas and the sweetheart of GD– Dara Park. She’s so pretty and flawless..

We were seated on the front row, right side of the Pulp Royalty section.  FB_IMG_1454473468767-01The show started as a countdown, they flashed random videos of Bigbang and the VIPs are already shouting. My heart is beating fast now..

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The stage lights and fire started to move, the crowd became a sea of light because of the crown sticks, and the music started to roar…. All I can do that moment is to shout at the top of my lungs. I feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins. This is gonna be the best night of my life..FB_IMG_1454475841407-01

The show opened with Bigbang standing on stage lifts to sing Bang Bang Bang, and stage was filled with fire. It was followed by LoserFB_IMG_1454473510315-01

OHMYGOD! *hyperventilating


Sober powerful performance with Daesung on the drums!


Taeyang shouted, “Did you guys miss me?”

There were two moving stage ramps which became a bridge when put side by side in the middle.

TOP and his dorky moves

FB_IMG_1454418653003-02They sang their old songs– Tonight, Stupid Liar, and the epic Haru Haru back to back with Lies.





Every stage design of each song was so PERFECT!!! The main stage featured gigantic LED walls.

Taeyang and GD singing their duet– GOOD BOY!! I am a good boy…



The crowd goes wild when they performed FANTASTIC BABY. wooooaahhh! All of the members are giving their best dance moves. ehem TOP. hahaha!


TOP screamed, “Gusto nyo ba?” haha (YOU LIKE?) while doing the new Korean heart sign.


Then after that, Seungri asked the crowd if they know “PABEBE”. Which is a very famous word here because of the trending video of the Pabebe Girls. Seungri said, “I’m pabebe” and then suddenly they flashed Dara and Vice Ganda on the LED. (Di ko bet na kasama niya si Vice)


I was so amazed by the lights and the fireworks everywhere!! GD got almost hit by by a firework on the stage..


They sang Bad Boy, We Like To Party, Hands Up.


FB_IMG_1454473710306-01.jpegFor their solo part: Taeyang sang my favorite song Eyes Nose Lips. Crooked for GD and Seungri took over with Let’s Talk About Love and. T.O.P showed his rapping skills in Doom Dada.


Since they just performed songs from M-A-D.. GD sang a teaser of Zutter which is included in E album. (MADE)FB_IMG_1454473622514-01

Encore. They sang Bang Bang Bang again.. ughhh matatapos na! I don’t want them to leave the stage! 😦


cats.jpgActually di ko na matandaan kung paano sila nagpaalam sa stage. I’m feeling so many emotions.. But.. you know what? kami na ata ang pinaka-maswerte na Pulp Royalty holder.. because of these reasons: GD and Taeyang stayed in front of us most of their performances, nakagamit kami ng SLR kahit bawal, pang second row yung nabili naming seat pero since sobrang swerte namin that night, napunta kami sa sa pinakaharap. AGAIN. 

Di pa tapos ang gabi, we will go to the exit door for the “Send-off” party of Bigbang.

Extra fan service after the concert! Meet and greet with the members. Hindi ko na kinaya, I was shouting the whole time holding their hands and saying I love you. I can’t forget on how TOP stares into my eyes, and ohmygod! I feel like in heaven! That night, I fell in love with him! ♥ ♥  I don’t have a photo of GD, I was already freaking out when he walked into the aisle and gave me a peace sign. *I died!!


I didn’t expect that Taeyang will give the best fan service among the rest. He is so kind and adorable. He stayed in front of us for so long, letting us hold and hug him.. My friend was so nervous and she wanted a selfie with him but her phone was already drained.

Same as mine. 😦 But at least, we savored the once in a lifetime moment. 


The 5-hours Bigbang Made Tour concert experience from soundcheck to send-off were all worth it! Nothing can replace the feeling when you first watched them, but I can say that I’m more than happy and satisfied the second time around. I’m teary-eyed in this picture.. because I know it will be a long time before I can see them again together.. Thank you Bigbang for growing old with me and being my strength for the past 6 years. You are my everything.  Saranghae~






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