So Valentines day is fastly approaching, to the point that I could be sleeping now but here I am trying to blog about good songs to play on Valentines day. Hihi!

If you would think that I’m celebrating my Valentines’ day with my valentine, then you are sooo wrong. I will be celebrating it with my family, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have any heart’s day as my boyfriend and I will be celebrating it the day before 14th. So stay tune because I am so excited to share that special moment with you, most especially I will get to celebrate it twice this year.

I’m also excited to share the playlist below for the reason that it is so teeny/tweeny! The songs include different languages from different parts of the globe. I tried putting videos with subtitle on it, so you don’t worry about not understanding its meaning. That said, try to enjoy the tune and not the language. Like love, it is not the language that is important but the feeling it gives.


So that’s about it! Don’t forget to listen to my playlist šŸ‘†!



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