the WINNER! GD Giveaway. One Of A Kind album!

After a month of receiving tweets and comments on my blog site, I chose the winner randomly and asked her to take a picture of the album itself as a proof. I ordered the package at KollectionK for all those who wanna order. Thanks to all those who joined!

the lucky random tweet!
the lucky random tweet!


via :)
via 🙂

I’m going to give GD’s ONE OF A KIND album, in treat for my blog readers wherever you are in the world!

  • Tweet me on @xiamaranan  and post a comment below (if only you have a WordPress account), why do you deserve to win this promo.
  • You also have to share this blog and tag me on Twitter.

ex. ” I wanna win GD’s album bcoz… @xiamaranan “

remember to copy the link site for more chances of winning.*




Simple game isn’t it. ONLY ONE winner will be chosen. This game is until February 27 and the winner who has the best reason will be posted here and I’m also going to contact you through Twitter.

Whoever that winner will be, you’ll have to take a picture of yourself with GD’s album so that I can post it also here in my blog!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

5 thoughts on “the WINNER! GD Giveaway. One Of A Kind album!

  1. I want that. .is that a kp0p album?I want it so bad.Coz as u’ve said u love kp0p.i l0ve them much.CHINGU pls.ahe.


  2. I wanna win GD’s album bcoz i love his unique voice. He has fabulous fashion sense, amazing stage presence, great rhythm, and is a talented composer. He is one of a kind


  3. obviously, i love GD (not a saesang tho) – his being artsy and i honestly believe that his songs then and now are so fre@ckin’ good. 2ndly, if i win i will also give it a way just like you- to make a ripple effect- (spread the love for kpop and GD and BB!) that way a can gather more hallyu fans and befriend them all :)) goodluck to you. imma follow your blog and hope to be friends with you in the future. 🙂


  4. GD is an extraordinary namja. A fashion expert, singer,rapper and a nice leader. This album belong to his hard work, so I am wondering if I can have his one of the hard work 🙂 I don’t have wordpress account, I have blogger account, but right now I am signing in with twitter account, and continue to spread this good news to all VIP out there.. thank you ^^


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