Love, may it be a past love, future love, present love, whatever love it is, I'd like to recognize love as one feeling. It may give permanent and temporary happiness but love is love and with that, I'd like to use this moment to use love as it makes a poet out of me. However, [...]

From 11, 138 km. away…

... distance gives us a reason to love harder. For some people, another half may mean a partner, a wife or a husband. To me, my another half is my sister. I guess, more like my adopted sister- someone who is willing to listen and share, someone I can always make up and break up [...]



Every time the year turns to February, there is always a thought/day/event attached to it-Valentine's day! The month of flowers, gifts and loved ones. My Valentine's day went well, it won't be the same without having to spend the day with Ryan, my boyfriend. This is our third Valentine's day but as cliche as it may [...]


In you I find myself at ease, inhibiting chemicals and hormones that could trigger the pain I've been dying to free. If I could just consume you, all at once while I can, will it take the pain away or will it leave me wanting what's left of you?


To write is an action I try to do when I could not utter the words I want to say. To read is an escape I aim to seek when all I could hold on to is nothing but letters. To sing is an art I cry my heart because songs are better heard than [...]

Why Waiting is Good

    You hold on because you know what it feels like to have it. It gave you each blood rushing and spine-chilling emotion no one could have ever given. It satisfies you in any way you dreamt of, fed the hunger and the thirst of your cells crying, as pores open, along with the [...]

You and the shadow

"16/52 - Something to lean on" (CC BY 2.0) by  kennymatic    That day you treated me so well, I felt the prettiest. You stood close to me, enough for me to feel your warmth as our skin touches one another. Today, where are you? I feel worst. All I can do is to barely hold on as [...]

To my best friend who drifted away

  Retrieved from: URL   Remember the first time I sat beside you? There was an instant spark, we laughed and chatted like we've known each other for a long time. It often happened; to our surprise, we became best of friends. We were like couples, sharing everything to one another. We stick together in school [...]

7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

The link below is really a motivational blog to be a better individual! It would be really nice to know those verses if I was still in high school.

Way back high school, I find myself losing my identity because it was inevitable to not please anyone. Luckily, I pleased a bunch of amazing people, who knows me well up until now.

Enjoy her blog and let us continue living with God’s words!


Sara Weaver

As a girl who is finishing up her last year in high school, there are many things I regret about the last four years and also many things I’m proud of. There are also multiple things I wish I would have known starting off my freshman year. I’ve learned over these years how helpful the Bible can be to girls like me and you.

1. For when the boy breaks your heart.

“Always remember the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” — Psalms 34:18

It is very likely that you will have your first heartbreak in high school. Afterwards, you will probably feel very alone and you most likely beat yourself up about what could have been. Your broken heart is just temporary. God’s love is far greater than the love that any boy can offer you and he will be there…

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