To my best friend who drifted away



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Remember the first time I sat beside you? There was an instant spark, we laughed and chatted like we’ve known each other for a long time. It often happened; to our surprise, we became best of friends.

We were like couples, sharing everything to one another. We stick together in school and part ways by texting each other. We both love the idea of letters, as we always exchange mailed words like we do not talk often. We even named each other. How am I going to forget that you were the one who gave and first called me by my nickname, which up until now is the name people call me?

We were like siblings. My mom was your mom; your mom was my mom. We shared family problems and dealt with it like how grown-up sisters deal with their parents. We had a shared account on Friendster, where we uploaded all our selfies that I could not even remember taking now. They say easy come, easy go, like that I’ve seen with my own eyes our friendship leaving us behind.

I remember the pain when I lose you and the number of tears I cried when we needed, to say goodbye. For some reasons, I could not recall how we parted ways. I know we tried to make our friendship work, but we lose the spark we used to have. We attended the same university, studied in the same building. All of a sudden each other’s presence started to become blunt. We used to talk for 24 hours a day; now we could not even stand to talk each other for thirty minutes.

I know you’re still here in my heart. I still have intense emotions of a lost friendship for you. There’s something that brought us to where we are now. I want you to know that you will always be a part of me. Regardless of the pain and our shortcomings, you made me who I am. I used to think broken heart is only for opposite genders, yet when we parted ways, I had the worst break-up in my life… it was when I lose you.





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