1. Travel with my best friend (no boyfriend allowed)

I will never go on a vacation with my boyfriend when it is only the two of us. Just because, I believe some things are better done when people are married and that includes travelling as a husband and wife. I’d like to travel as much as possible with my best friends, while we’re free from any family responsibilities and just have fun.

I want to go to Philippines’ best provinces; South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Jeju); Tokyo, Japan; Hongkong; Australia; Paris, France; Rome and Italy. Surely I need lots of savings to travel!

  1. Finish Nursing School

No matter how hard it is, I want to finish this program not because it is a Nursing program but because I’d like to have a college diploma so bad! I was supposed to graduate in a year when our Visa going to Canada arrived. I still don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

  1. Be a MYX VJ or radio disk jockey

It is no secret I love public speaking. I was trained and I am thankful for the huge experience I gained back home.

From then ‘til now, there’s always a calling to speak in front of people. Although it is thrice as nerve-wracking to speak in public now since those who will listen to me are native English speakers.

One day I want to go back home and just take an audition for fun on MYX or Monster Radio 93.1.

  1. Save bucks

Just because I don’t think it is fair to settle with someone without any savings.

  1. Help my parents

This, I want my future husband to do too. For me, some things are not as easy to do when there’s a responsibility as a married couple. Thus helping and giving back to parents will be ideal before settling down. Given that if ever I save money more than enough for us, I’d like to give my parents a business they want.

  1. Finish a Korean drama in a week

All I want is a stress free week with my fictional characters… no more, no less.

  1. Watch movie alone 

It is good to be alone and be brave enough to be alone. For me, it is a sign of being independent.

  1. Watch a KPOP concert

It is hard to watch a KPOP concert when I’m here in Canada while my idols are all over Asia having concerts. I want to see myself holding a banner and a glow stick while it is still legit for me to hold those.

Luckily, one of my most loved idol, Ed Sheeran, a Brit star (not Korean), will be coming here. Now I have one less thing to do before settling down.

  1. Make a scrapbook

I treasure memories. For some people, the past is just a past, but for me, I hold on to memories, learn from them and dream with them.

Right now, I have a scrapbook I update twice a year. It is so refreshing to just go back and appreciate the things that happened in the past – may it be good or bad.

  1. Love

I’d like to feel how it is like to love unconditionally… how it is like to meet the one.

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