Great video to summed-up this blog article. Credits to the uploader.

If Park Shin Hye‘s recent dramas will be aired on ABS-CBN just like Heartstrings & Hayate The Combat Butler (/via kapamilyanovelas.multiply.com); Her leading man in He’s Beautiful, Jang Geun Suk is also another solid Kapamilya! After “Marry Me, Marry“, his new show that will be aired early 2012 in Korea, Love Rain was bought by ABS-CBN to air in Philippines. Along with the Asia Prince is the Princess of the SNSD, Yoona.

From the same source, here’s the picture teaser of LOVE RAIN for ABS-CBN!

/ via @allkpop


HAYATE THE COMBAT BUTLER, Heartstrings, SkipBeat, Can’t Lose, Absolute Boyfriend and Beautiful You are expected to be seen on ABS-CBN!


I am no loner worried. Since Yong Hwa and Shin Hye‘s drama comeback in PH TV will be on ABS. As well as Wu Chun and Goo Hye Sun’s tandem will be aired on ABS-CBN!:)

It will be back to back PARK SHIN HYE shows on ABS-CBN! Hayate & Heartstrings!

I’m so glad with these news! What about you?:)

So ABS-CBN is so fast in getting new koreanovelas that’s making me crazy! If you have seen Son Ye Jin’s  MOMENT TO REMEMBER, well they have the same plot. And this new drama,

A Thousand Days’ Promise is also from the Korean Network, SBS.Maganda toh!!!

Take a look at their teaser picture from their multiply site. (kapamilyanovelas multiply site)

Iba ka ABS-CBN!:):):)

The show that replaced CITY HUNTER in S. Korea will also be aired in ABS-CBN!!!

Starring, Ji Sung. Rom-Com Genre! PROTECT THE BOSS!

ang ganda maging Kapamilya!:)


With ABS-CBN’s newest lists of upcoming dramas… 49 days has started already in Prmetime slot with the title PURE LOVE.:) Now, all we have to do is wait for Dream High, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and City Hunter.:)


I have also read in the kapamilyanovelas.multiply.com that ABS-CBN also got the rights for YAB’s Yong Hwa and Shin Hye’s  Heartstrings, while GMA got the rights for GREATEST LOVE and LIE TO ME. But all these comments aren’t confirmed yet.


Recently, some pictures appear on the official multiply account of the ABS-CBN’s  KAPAMILYANOVELAS:

I am so glad that my Love, LEE MIN HO will remain a Kapamilya. After his two shows that were both aired on ABS-CBN, his new drama titled City Hunter that will be aired on May in Korea will also be aired in the Kapamilya station.

The drama, Sunkyunkwan Scandal will also be aired in ABS-CBN .:) So it will be back to back Park Min Young series, since she’s also the lead female for both SunkyunKwan and City Hunter.

Now, my only hope is that… Park Shin Hye’s Taiwanese series; HAYATE THE COMBAT BUTLER and her reunion drama with CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa titled “You’re Into Me” will also be ABS-CBN’s.:)


I’ve been hearing and reading the new Koreanovelas that ABS-CBN will air this 2011 by their multiply site. And at last, they already have its official video on their site, that for sure one day from now, will be showed in television. Thanks a lot to Karen Cepe, for informing me/us on Facebook about this video.:)

ABS-CBN, one of the largest station in the Philippines reveals its upcoming Koreanovelas that we will surely get hooked to.

They have the rights to air KIM JONG EUN’s comeback in Philippine TV, Kim Tae Hee’s MY PRINCESS and F4’s Vanness Wu with Taiwanese Hit Prietime Drama, Autumn’s Concerto.

What’s more interesting is that Korea’s top star, Moon Geun Young have back to back Korean dramas this year, one is a modern Cinderella story titled, CINDERELLA SISTER and another is with Hallyu star, Jang Geun Suk in MARRY ME, MARY.

It amuses me just by thinking that Jang Geun Suk will return in small screen here in the Phlippines!

Lastly, I still can’t get over it, Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah’s hit drama, MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO will also be aired here.:):):)

Though, I dont like PLAYFUL KISS, I am a little bit sad that it isn’t included here because GMA have its right. Im looking forward and crossing my fingers that ABS-CBN will be able to get the rights for Lee Min Ho’s CITY HUNTER and PARK SHIN HYE’s Hayate.

Koo Hye Sun and Wu Chun’s ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND was rumoredly an ABS-CBN Koreanovela as well but they are not yet confirming it. (confirmed: sa ABS-CBN ang Absolute Boyfriend!)

To see the video, click here.

119 thoughts on “ABS-CBN REVEALS ITS 2012 ASIANOVELAS! (LATEST latest LATEST update)

  1. waaah!! Though gusto ko yung Marry me Mary/Mary stayed out all night, nooo ayoko siya pag dina-dub na siya!!! Bagay and perfect na yung boses ni Moon Geun Young dun kaya masisira yun pag na-dub nooo…basta generally ayoko sa nadadub na especially kung naponood ko yung original version niya wah
    well, this is what WE think tho kaya no offense na lang sa iba


  2. i love secret garden,.i’m so disappointed that GMA got the rights haaaaist!!!ang pangit mg dub ng GMA eh,.anyways ABS got My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which is to DIE for..hehehe!!!


    • kahit saan ipalabas ang mga korean novelas, we don’t have the right na pakialaman yun, if you’re not contented with the dubbings of gma, then so be it.. basta ok yun sa amin.. and one more thing, mas pangit ang dubbing ng ABS-CBN n0h, duh, super yuck yung ginawa nilang dubbings sa He’s Beautiful, I’m so disappointed.. good for us, nakuha ng GMA ang playful kiss and secret garden.. very nice.. poor abs cbn, ang pangit tlga..


      • akala ko ba kahit saan ipalabas hwag nating, eh! taliwas ang mga sinasabi mo sa comments mo. and hindi naman naging ganun ka hit ang playful kiss and rumor has it that it was one of kim hyun joong’s worst acting portrayal.and dont forget sa abs nagsimula ang asian dramas.DUH!


      • hah!!! dubbing of gma mas very YUCK. . . grabe ung changes sa voices nila. . . ang girl(korean girl) sa gma ay para nang lalaki . . its so eeeeeeewwwww… at least ung OST na pinapalabas sa ABS is ung true na music ng drama. . . e sa gma,,,,,,,,, hindi malaman kong saan nila kinuha ang ost sa drama consideraing na nirerelate nila sa story… but still pangit parin… THE BEST TALAG ANG AAA…BBB…SSS—CCC…BBB…NNN(ABS-CBN). . .


      • natawa naman ako ng bongga sa comment nito., saying “kahit saan ipalabas ang mga korean novelas, we don’t have the right na pakialaman yun,” so what happened dun sa “WE DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT?” after telling na yuck at mas panget ang sa ABS? Kanya kanya nmng opinion yun eh and for our opinion, MAS BETTER yung dubbing ng ABS-CBN kesa sa GMA. un lang un.. and respect everyone’s opinion, dba?


  3. kyaaaa~ GMA got playful kiss! i like it so much… and i’m disappointed that City Hunter is already in ABS CBN… well, i hope Sunny Happiness will be taken by GMA… its soo sweeeet…..

    I’m also so happy about secret garden… and the dub is really not that far from original… compared in ABS… and the sound quality when it is dubbed is like just an original one…


  4. oHH ! sana kunin ng ABS-CBN ang HI MY SWEETHEART , SUNNY HAPPINESS , DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU , SUNSHINE ANGEL !! pLease pLease pLease , /// yung mama kO nga na-adik din sa HI MY SWEERTHEART sabi nya , sana ipaLabas ng ABS-CBN tO ! kasi siguradO madami ang manOnOod ! kaya ihOpe kunin nyO tO ! i’m begging yOu pO ! i am soLid kapamiLya !! hndi kasi akO nanonod sa GMA7 ee !


    • wag nga kayo ok naman dub ng gma ah d lng kc kau sanay at tska tingn ko magkaibng network pinagku2nan nla sbs or kbs tska pansn ko more on era ung sa gma puro hari at reyna samantlng sa abs puro teen romantc comedy ang tema bumili kc kayo ng bala mas mganda wlang dubbng ang ingay nyo!


  5. oHH ! sana kunin ng ABS-CBN ang HI MY SWEETHEART , SUNNY HAPPINESS , DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU , SUNSHINE ANGEL !! pLease pLease pLease , /// yung mama kO nga na-adik din sa HI MY SWEERTHEART sabi nya , sana ipaLabas ng ABS-CBN tO ! kasi siguradO madami ang manOnOod ! kaya ihOpe kunin nyO tO ! i’m begging yOu pO ! i am soLid kapamiLya !! hndi kasi akO nanonod sa GMA7 ee !


  6. Im so happy na ipapalabas sa abs cbn ang my girlfriend is a gumiho… mas mgiging happy pa ako pg pinalabas din sa abs cbn ang marry me, mary at dream high! OMG!


  7. love it….buti nlng ang mary stayed out all night sa abs eAired..waah…cant wait to see it again…jejeje really love kang mu kyul….he has a nice nd angelic voice…when he sings “Hello”..wow…love it…cant wait….


  8. I’ve already watched Marry me marry… sobrang ganda neto. Loove JGS so much ang ofcourse MGY!!! And yung Dream high… pinapanood ko pa lang. Super ganda ng mga songs. Can’t wait to watch it. kelan po ba to ipapalabas?


  9. ,.gwabe…. dream high, talaga?! papalabas s abs?!! can’t wait to watch it on tagalog…. kim soo hyun portrayed song sam dong very well’!!! =p


  10. YEHEY! nakuha na nila yung mgagandang koreanovelas. Sana makuha din nila yung CAN YOU HERE MY HEART. As of now, no.1 yun sa Korea. Ang gagaling ng mga actors dun.. Drama-romance-comedy ang genre.


  11. i hate that abs didnt get secret garden……i’ve seen the trailer of sg from gma and i was really disappointed with the dubbing!!!and even the theme song! :(( soo sadd…but i’m so glad that abs got 49 days and gumiho!!whooo..hope i can watch it online!


  12. i’m so happy that city hunter will be aired in abs,i’m so excited to watch lee min ho all over again. Sanay na sanay na kasi ako sa tagalog voice niya eh..i’m just quite disappointed na sa gma ang playful kiss, kumusta naman kaya ang boses dun ni kim hyung joong,hayyyy..di pa naman maganda ang dubbing sa kabila.


  13. but i hear that sunkyunkwan scandal will be aired in GMA kapuso
    station but i feel grateful that Mary stayed out all night will be in abs-cbn and i wish that dream high also will be air in abs-cbn…kamshahamnida!!


  14. mas gusto ko ang dubbing ng abs sa mga koreanovela kaysa sa GMA. sayang lang yong playful kiss, sana abs ang kumuha nun. Go go abs!


  15. hello. sa abscbn din ba ang s.scandal? akala ko sa gma, may nakita kasi akong vid sa youtube eh. anyway, good news yun kasi mas ok kpag sa abs:) super love ko din si LEE MIN HO, as in! super excited nko sa City Hunter nya…buti nlng kahit naaksidente sya sa shooting nla, wlang major injuries…


  16. nakakaexcite nman …wuu !the best talga abs.sana ipalabas na yung dream high ..:)))dami pa lang bagong aabangan na KOREANOVELA…^^


  17. maganda rin po ang city hunter… i watched it already… and ive noticed na pag pinalabas to talagang makakerelate ang government natin.. cause its not all about love story…at hindi rin po ung love story ung highlight nung kwento.. although me love scene dun…


    • napanood ko na din ung city hunter.. feel ko mag hihit un dito lalo na na may politics, action, revenge and love ung plot.. pero wala naman clang love scene.. sobrang naappreciate ko c lee min ho dito.. sana i air nila sa prime time(pero wag naman sana sobrang gabi na) dahil sa quality plang ng production and cast panalo na.. and I think na best k-drama of 2011 ang city hunter.. so far..! glad na nakuha din nila ung sungkyunkwan scandal.. maganda din un!


  18. is it true nah ipapalabas ang heartstring sa abs cbn cant wait for it ang dami tlagang magagandang korean drama ng abs cbn sana sa network din nila palabas ang dramang love rain ni jang geun suk!!!!kaya lng my mga scene n pinuputol nila eh sayang d mapanood ng buo pero sana maipalabas pa din un go go go go kapamilya!success!!


  19. haie … nkaka azar dapt ung heart string sa GMA nlang … bgay pa ….haie!!!!!!!!! ang pangit ipalabas ang heart string sa ABS … hindi talaga bagy


  20. AHHMM..
    im very hapi to abs kasi na dub at naipalabas nila ng maayos yung my gf is a gumiho…
    first time ko pong nakapanuod nun… sa abs..
    actuall certified kapuso po ako.. pero comment ko lang po..
    even though pangit mag dub ang gma.. theyre doing their best to make the show hit…
    pareho naman pong magaling ang abs at gma…

    ❤ mihoo…❤ dae woong…


  21. aw..mgnda ung heartstring…kikiligin kau..,na maiiyak…nakakatouch dn ung story nea,,,
    makapanuod nga ulit …english sub. ung pinanuod q ee….aun mai tagalog vesion n…waa…saya


  22. sana po ang heartstring ay ipalabas ay pang hapon….mga 4 o clock sana…pls……kasi dko yan mapapanuod na pang 2:30 pm…..pls po…abs


  23. haiy palage nlang abs ang naka2kuha ng maga2ndang k drama!! naka2inis tlga though d nq naka2panuod msyado ng t.v at nanu2od n din aq s ABS… still i want those said kdrama to be aired in GMA.. but gnun tlaga ang life for sure madami p rin nmang la2bas n maga2ndang korean drama kya un i’ll wait nalang:)))


  24. I just want to say I’m all new to blogs and absolutely liked your web site. Most likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You surely have incredible article content. Bless you for sharing your website page.


  25. Hay naku,,, basta ako ang gusto ko lang is yung mga koreannovels… wala na akong pake dun sa mga pinanggalingan nilang channel:0
    Kahit sa GMA siya or sa ABS-CBN,,, basta maganda, at nakakakilig,,, dun ako…

    4 ever:)


  26. .whaha naka2tawa kau, pangit ang dubbing ng GMA???
    eh lagi ngang GMA ang nangu2na sa ratings pagdating sa mga asia novelas,,,
    hahaiii.. what a neird … GMA the bhest.. unlike sa abs andaming nacocornyhan..
    ang pangit ng mga kinukuha nilang asia novelas.. hindi nila alam ang taste ng mga manonood pagdating sa bagay nah yun..


  27. mas gusto ko kmovies kaysa kdrama ang haba kc althou nanu2od ako at marami ding alam at sa pagka2alm ko sa gma unang nagpblbs ng korean drama nakalmtan ko ung title pero ung pangalawa na naghit tlga eh ung endls luv autumn in my heart remember? one of all time favrte at dhl dyan sunod2 na ktld ng stairwy 2 hvn, fullhouse,attic cat at kimsam soon aminin nyo pinanuod nyo yan so cla tlaga may authorty na magpalbs gumaya lng ang kabila so stop saying na ayaw nyo dubbng dhl sa gma nagcmula lhat.


    • as far i know abs -cbn po ang unang nag aired ng korean and asian novelas first po jan ang meteor garden ng taiwan and lovers in paris ng korea and they got the highest ratings in all asian novelas here in the philippines no doubt na gma ang gumaya sa abs-cbn.


  28. i hope i aired sa philippines specifically sa abs-cbn ang our school e.t. ni lee min ho and ung public enemy returns…super love q po kc c lee min ho and ung voice nya sana mas mrami pang koreanovelas ang ma release nyo…..haha tnx po dahil; binalik nyo ang city hunter hndi na q mapupuyat ulit super love q ang city hunter…haha


  29. the best talaga ang ABS-CBN pagdating sa mga kdramas wooooh!
    unlike sa iba diyan.. nevermind! iLOVE SUZY BAE and other casts of DREAM HiGH !


  30. sana po maipalabas ung HI MY SWEETHEART sa ABS CBN…..im sure magu2stuhan to ng mge viewers…kase ung mga nkapanuod pa lng ng my eng. sub. ngustuhan nila,pag maipalabas pa kya sa tv na tagalog translation…please po…sana sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


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  32. please naman ABS-CBN e dubb niyo naman yong SUNSHINE ANGEL..pls po nagmamakaawa po ako
    .kung e dubb niyo po yan i consider to myself that i am the luckiest person and despite of that i will consider also it is your gift to me,,pls,,


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