I am noticing something in me, and I must admit that it is no good for me. After 2 days of watching ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, I feel the call of wanting to watch it again and download it. I looked for the link, and thankfully, I found one. I am a type of a person who do everything whatever I wanted, and badly, because of I am too desperate I loaded my broadband, that for no reason after 5 hours, It malfunctioned.
And here I was, thinking HOW I can download it, instead of studying since I have a test tomorrow. Lee Seung Gi caught me on that series that I want to replay his facial expression. The songs/OST stricken me that I want to listen again, on what particular part that certain song was played. Shin Min Ah destructed me that I want to see her beauty all over and over again. But if this addiction will lead me to worse that what I am, I guess, I must control myself and think of my priorities (MGIG).
Sometimes, being a fan girl is also a dangerous think, especially if you get hooked to something. You tend to forget your priorities. While writing this, my heart says no, but my mind says yes… in stopping forcing myself to download the whole series if it’s not the right time and there’s more important thing to do than to watch again a show that I loved.


  1. Yeah, same here. Funny to think that we both have the same situation. I am very much addicted to this series.

    Is there a part 2?


  2. i also felt the same way.. There’s really something with that koreanovela… It makes me watch it again ang again.. Crazy addiction… Im also hoping to have a part two of MGIG… This time its ” My wife is a gumiho”… Hehehe… Cant help myself thinking of cha dae woong and miho…


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