Cosmetic thoughts…

What I love about using Korean cosmetics is they are cheap and not expensive but surely you will see a good result prior to using it. Sometimes western cosmetics I bought from Sephora are way too expensive that I can buy more Korean cosmetics for the same quality. So what I decided was to stick [...]

To All The Boys I Loved Before

First this won't be a review because I'm waiting for my friend's review on this book. She's about to read this in a few days, so pardon me if I'll be only posting what struck me and why I loved this novel.     The first time I saw this novel, it already caught my eyes. It [...]

My top 5 favourite Korean cosmetics!

Even though I might be far away from Asia I am still up to date to the trends in Korea most especially when it comes to fashion, drama and make-ups. Back then, buying a BB cream which is a distance near to me needs a little saving from my weekly allowance of 800 pesos, but [...]

ETSY review.

As promised, here's my Etsy review! I talked about Etsy on my last blog and I just received it yesterday night after my New Year date. It took 3 weeks for me to receive it, which is quite reasonable because of the holidays and also since it came all the way from China. The merchant, [...]

2PM Clothes album review.

My boys are gonna be back in the Korean scene and to commemorate their return, I bought myself a 2PM hoodie that feels like was sent straight from JYP Entertainment though I bought it from Soompi. To view my hoodie, watch the video below.


I swear who wouldn't watch Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo's small screen return with Kim Bum and A Pink's Eun Ji as a support character? This drama from the writer, to the cast and OST singers are really commendable not because they are the top in their fields but for being able to [...]

Korean fashion straight from Korea.

I've been buying anything I like online and I've decided to take another step and try buying something from Asia, like Korean-styled hoodies and so I visited  Sammy Dresses which I have known for decades. Yes their items are really cheap! Imagine buying a hoodie for 9 dollars? That's a good deal but hey that's not [...]

“LIKE THIS YO, Like This!” I’m so addicted.

After JYPE's release of Bounce that I was totally hooked with JJ Project's debut album songs, JYP Entertainment didn't stop of giving good music. Now, I'm so into this song which was also blogged by blogger, Perez Hilton. How's that?! I have to say that this is the best Wonder Girls song I've heard. And I can't help but to study the steps.


I actually needed days before writing this review to be able to gather my thoughts and to be able to think about what the writer is trying to give in the story. Fashion King is not really a romantic comedy drama like what it is supposed to, though it tried to give humor to its [...]


The last time I dyed my hair; I was using Etude House Natural Brown color and now I'm here in Canada and need some touch-up for my hair color, I decided to use a western brand Nice and Easy, where they are both foam and almost every procedures are the same. The difference is just [...]