Hello, Stranger!

Hello, Stranger!

A year ago, my life changed a lot. More than my job, more than my activities of daily living... my life changed because I had lost two friends. Nine months later, here I am pondering what could have happened better? What could I have done differently? How should I have reacted at that time? Do [...]



When I was in Nursing school, one area of nursing that made a huge impact in my life is my Mental Health rotation. During my rotation in a mental health unit, I was amazed by the hormones and neurotransmitters in our system and how it could affect our feelings and emotions. I've also seen people [...]

You Are Not Perfect

"pain" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  bekassine...    Like any student, I am not perfect. There are days I would rather have fun than study, sleep than read, and daydream than to focus. I’ve always been struggling to prioritize my needs over wants; this was the worst mistake I did in my university life. Easy said than done, getting [...]


Love, may it be a past love, future love, present love, whatever love it is, I'd like to recognize love as one feeling. It may give permanent and temporary happiness but love is love and with that, I'd like to use this moment to use love as it makes a poet out of me. However, [...]


To write is an action I try to do when I could not utter the words I want to say. To read is an escape I aim to seek when all I could hold on to is nothing but letters. To sing is an art I cry my heart because songs are better heard than [...]

It is not a safe haven.

I am willing to be that pain to make you grow if you'll continue seeing the world we live in wrongly... because the world is not an amusement park, you can never be too happy or safe. Life is a battlefield wherein pain should be felt to grow & learn.


I can see through her the past that killed me a million times; the pain and torture I once tried to endure and all the feelings that I should've just hid. I can see through her the blessings in the pain; to value the friendship, to begin again and to love someone so deeply even after [...]

Today I saw her cry before my eyes. I'd love to get mad, but lost the words and felt sympathy. I am her brother's world and I am not sure if I want that. I know they are the one who's in control now, but I'm not sure if I wanted to be controlled someday. I [...]

The difference between pain and ecstasy

The realization that you can write a thousand words and sing a thousand lyrics when you are in pain But words do not come out, when you're happy and contented because you know that no words can describe the happiness you are in right now. i still can think of anything to write. pardon me.