Hello, Stranger!

A year ago, my life changed a lot.

More than my job, more than my activities of daily living… my life changed because I had lost two friends.

Nine months later, here I am pondering what could have happened better?

What could I have done differently?

How should I have reacted at that time? Do I keep quiet or do I choose friendship over self-respect? Such questions hit me, then I realized that maybe, just maybe I am missing them.

This change has been a huge leap this 2018.

All my life, I know those two people; one I’ve met her when I was in my second grade and the other was during eight grade (second-year high-school). We used to tell each other everything… but as we grow older and as we grow farther (since I have moved to a different country), I also grew apart from them.

It came to the point that jokes are no longer just jokes for me. I could not understand anymore what makes them laugh, what makes them mad and what makes them cry. My view of life became different from their views. Just like that, the people I know from before have become strangers.

Life took us by storm and we let it change us. They don’t know me and I don’t know them, but the attachments have always been there. It is just that, it is not enough anymore to hold on.

new sign

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