Massachusettes in the eyes of my lens

Once in a year, my family and I book our tickets and pack our bags to travel to new places and meet new people. While last year we went back to the Philippines, this time, we went to the USA. Yes! I haven’t been to the States, but since we got our Canadian passports already, we went to Canada’s closest ally.

We pretty much went to 8 states, but only get to spend our time in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C and Pennsylvania. While we had stopovers in some states, I couldn’t get up and figure out our location because I am always sleepy and nauseous whenever I am a passenger in any vehicle. Yikes!

According to my favourite celebrity blogger, Nikki Gil, when traveling there must be a common purpose for the trip. That said, for our Boston trip, we decided to shop right away- it is always easier to save than to regret especially for once in a lifetime journey.

From Toronto to Boston, we traveled by a tour bus for seven hours. It is easier to count the time because Toronto and Boston’s time are about the same. We had two stopovers, which are all both in McDonalds.

The moment I laid my feet twice on the same day at McDonald’s, I was pretty much sure the trip would be unhealthy.



We first went to Boston downtown area. It is almost like Regina with a  mixture of contemporary and modern buildings, the only difference is that Boston is more industrialized.




After our city galore, we went to the Harvard University- my dream university.

One thing about Harvard, it reminds me of my Spanish university in the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas with its old buildings, crowded streets and a vast field for picnics.

wp-1468172879903.jpgSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I always thank Snapchat for Geotag.

We also went to Faneuil Hall Marketplace also known as Quincy Market, where shopping, dining, and entertainment are accessible in one compound.

In here, we bought out souvenirs for our families, relatives, and friends in Regina and Toronto. If I had more USD with me, I would’ve shopped to my heart’s content, but I didn’t.

My favourite part in Boston’s trip is U-N-I-Q-L-O.

Picture grabbed from UNIQLO site


UNIQLO  is a Japanese based brand, available in the States, Philippines, etc… unfortunately, Canada isn’t included in its franchise market. As expected of me, I literally bulk buy using my Canadian credit card.

I’d like to emphasize the use of my credit card since there’s a 2% charge depending on your bank for conversion (and so much more I couldn’t even bother to mind).





Of course, I had a Japanese supper.






It was around 8ish when we went to Westin Hotel; full of shopping bags, heavy stomach and tired legs (from pulling of blood after a long drive and Fitbit worthy steps). It was a tiring yet a fun day.

new sign

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