7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

7 Bible Verses Every High School Girl Should Remember

The link below is really a motivational blog to be a better individual! It would be really nice to know those verses if I was still in high school.

Way back high school, I find myself losing my identity because it was inevitable to not please anyone. Luckily, I pleased a bunch of amazing people, who knows me well up until now.

Enjoy her blog and let us continue living with God’s words!


Sara Weaver

As a girl who is finishing up her last year in high school, there are many things I regret about the last four years and also many things I’m proud of. There are also multiple things I wish I would have known starting off my freshman year. I’ve learned over these years how helpful the Bible can be to girls like me and you.

1. For when the boy breaks your heart.

“Always remember the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” — Psalms 34:18

It is very likely that you will have your first heartbreak in high school. Afterwards, you will probably feel very alone and you most likely beat yourself up about what could have been. Your broken heart is just temporary. God’s love is far greater than the love that any boy can offer you and he will be there…

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behind me

behind me

As much as I seize each moment, I'd like to capture everything; the voices, the expressions, the smiles coming from all the people I treasure. And one day when life moves ahead and changes make everything new, I have something to look back in the moment of ecstasy. 


Sometimes I wonder if there is still a place to go back or am I just living in the idea of the past? Is everything worth it or not? Will I enjoy it or regret it? I hate to know the answers.

It is not a safe haven.

I am willing to be that pain to make you grow if you'll continue seeing the world we live in wrongly... because the world is not an amusement park, you can never be too happy or safe. Life is a battlefield wherein pain should be felt to grow & learn.


Loving someone, is about having a hand to hold on when everything's not okay. I am willing to lend that hand... but where's the hand I can hold on against this gravity?

A letter to be sent to heaven

"You have made life no longer than the width of our hand. Our entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath." (NLT) ( Psalm 39:5 ) You who I have grown to be my favourite of all the five siblings my mom has. You used to [...]

Mothers know best

My mum asked me to stop yet I didn't; then I was left alone doing something I'm not good at... I realized I should've just followed her.

Why blog?

 BLOG - a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. When I am broken hearted, I write why and let go. When I find a new love, I enumerate why and fall in love. When I am suicidal, I state why and [...]