Sometimes I wonder if there is still a place to go back or am I just living in the idea of the past? Is everything worth it or not? Will I enjoy it or regret it? I hate to know the answers.

It is not a safe haven.

I am willing to be that pain to make you grow if you'll continue seeing the world we live in wrongly... because the world is not an amusement park, you can never be too happy or safe. Life is a battlefield wherein pain should be felt to grow & learn.


Loving someone, is about having a hand to hold on when everything's not okay. I am willing to lend that hand... but where's the hand I can hold on against this gravity?

A letter to be sent to heaven

"You have made life no longer than the width of our hand. Our entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath." (NLT) ( Psalm 39:5 ) You who I have grown to be my favourite of all the five siblings my mom has. You used to [...]

Mothers know best

My mum asked me to stop yet I didn't; then I was left alone doing something I'm not good at... I realized I should've just followed her.

Why blog?

 BLOG - a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. When I am broken hearted, I write why and let go. When I find a new love, I enumerate why and fall in love. When I am suicidal, I state why and [...]

Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

To whom it may concern,It has been a year and I planned to leave everything behind to that 2011, the year I last saw you and met my favorite pair of eyes. To my surprise, all that I felt before got worst and the interest I used to give turns into something very unpredictable. I [...]


Deary English teacher asked us to write something creative about ourselves since it is our first day & I was like writing something about a stranger that I can call 'someone I used to be'... then I realized that the one I'm looking at the mirror now isn't anymore Krish or Xia, just that Krizia [...]


  And you had the chance but you let it go, thankful that it happened but blessed it did not go through. Because you know sometimes it is better for something to just be an unreachable star than to touch it and realizes everything you believed in are not what it is.