To write is an action I try to do when I could not utter the words I want to say. To read is an escape I aim to seek when all I could hold on to is nothing but letters. To sing is an art I cry my heart because songs are better heard than [...]

the riddle.

I wish it is understood, as easy as how it is spelled, but it is not. It is not simple. It is not only about the chemistry and butterflies that people grew up knowing. It involves a lot, it is very broad and hard. It does not make the world go round; the world makes [...]

Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

To whom it may concern,It has been a year and I planned to leave everything behind to that 2011, the year I last saw you and met my favorite pair of eyes. To my surprise, all that I felt before got worst and the interest I used to give turns into something very unpredictable. I [...]


Deary English teacher asked us to write something creative about ourselves since it is our first day & I was like writing something about a stranger that I can call 'someone I used to be'... then I realized that the one I'm looking at the mirror now isn't anymore Krish or Xia, just that Krizia [...]