Deary English teacher asked us to write something creative about ourselves since it is our first day & I was like writing something about a stranger that I can call ‘someone I used to be‘… then I realized that the one I’m looking at the mirror now isn’t anymore Krish or Xia, just that Krizia that I don’t even know who she is and how she has changed is really irritating me.

The person she has become is totally naive, incapable of inspiration, weak, dependent and discrete. I don’t want to ever change, because I rather be accepted than to change. I swear, change was the last thing in my dictionary but now I’m seeing the girl in the mirror aiming to please everyone. I’m sure she is real but she has changed and the only way she could go back to her old self is by talking the persons who truly know the person she believed she was. I’m totally feeling like I have two personalities now, the environment I am living in is so much better and I know it is for the best and yet again I’ve experienced the perfection and that’s how comparison is way easier now. Looking back the mirror, writing this blog… I don’t know who’s the I , I am talking about but the only thing she’s holding on to is that the fact everything happens for a reason.

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