Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

DISCLAIMER: not mine

To whom it may concern,

It has been a year and I planned to leave everything behind to that 2011, the year I last saw you and met my favorite pair of eyes. To my surprise, all that I felt before got worst and the interest I used to give turns into something very unpredictable. I tried dating someone and a simple non-sense message from you because of our fortunate friends make me stop and think. I don’t really know why I cannot let you go or probably I’m trapped because of the letter you gave me that I still keep under my sheets the reason why I can’t seem to find a better one than you, even though you are the worst. And I swear I’m quick to healing that days run by without even thinking about you and yet you will appear again in some kind of hanging way that caught me off guard.

I don’t want to fall from your gravity and I want to breathe again but every time you make your presence alive, I’ve learned to distinguish the difference between wanting and needing.

Your truly,


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