“I can do all things…”

I would like to be a living testament how wonderful God’s love is and how His love never fails. He has always been a listener, but these past few days it occurred to me how He puts things in order according to His plans and will for us.


I’ve always been questioning the struggles I have been going through for the past two years, which put me under a constant tremendous amount of stress, trying to survive and make it through the obstacles He wanted me to face. I am just so glad and blessed that after all the wait, tears, hormonal imbalance- I could proudly say with His will and guidance, I made it! Like a movie that started with a not so well plot, I’ve survived the turning point and could at least see a better view of the ending I want to see. I know there’s still a long way to go, but I have braced myself with faith in God that with Him, everything is possible.

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