If this was a birthday card…

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Today marks another year of your life! It is amazing to have spent this type of day with you for the past three years and another three years away from you. I guess that’s how our friendship is like now, we may be really far but we have made it through everything. I hope romantic relationships could be the same thing, but long distance between lovers is different between friends. Although I find myself sometimes thinking of our friendship as romantically one, not because I am confused (which I won’t disagree when it comes to kpop) but because of the things a man and woman can surpass that we have gone through.

As you know these past days we had a storm, kudos to you for reaching out when I was really not in my proper mind. Thank you for not turning your back on me, when I was ready to turn my back on you. Thinking about that now, I wouldn’t know how to spend my days in the Philippines when I get there soon, if our friendship would be over. Imagine coming back to UST without you (when in fact almost all of the days I spent there were all about you and me? Or going to divi without my divi buddy? What about the plans we made? It is like spending thousand dollars for a flight for nothing.

I must say, you’re the one who made this friendship worth everything; as I seldom get in touch when I am busy, you find time to chat or ask for decent Skype/Facetime conversations despite your hectic schedule. You’re one of the reasons why I want to go back in the Philippines.

So, so much for cheesy phrases… Happy Birthday Richness! I pray for more blessings to come unto you. Especially the guy, we’ve been waiting for! I love you and I miss you! ❤

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