The Perfect Moment

Inside Letters

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“It’s not the right time,” “He’s not quite Mr.Right,” “The place is not suitable enough,” “It’s just not perfect”… People tend to engross with the idea of the “perfect moment,” labeling and establishing standards to satisfy their own fantasies. However, when could a moment be truly considered perfect? Does such moments truly exist? Some people may think otherwise,  but I believe it does.

Nothing in this world is impeccable, it’s all about seeing the beauty and joy in life’s greatest and simplest gifts. Life could be a series of days just passing by, an endless cycle of the same routines. We develop a delusion that only dramatic, extraordinary events could pull us out of its exhaustion. But isn’t life too short to have just  a few of those rare, occasional splendid times? I bet you’ve heard the saying “Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.” Whether it be a special occasion…

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