It is inevitable, everyone does; one way or another we fall in love. It is like a fairy tale, you can’t sleep at night, you  love to wake up just to see the inspiration you’ll be having throughout the day, you visit his Facebook wall countless  times being thankful he’s not going to know you’re a creeper… until after all of the things that made you happy with just one reason you wanted to let go, to forget and to begin anew. You want to regret the things that made you happy-silly but you just can’t and you surf the net and reach this article.

You don’t know the reasons why but the following are the signs you are one of a strong girl to battle from within and fight with the powerful small organ called, HEART.

1. Feeling the butterflies in the belly with every guy that catches your eye with a twist that all those guys are like the guy that used to break your heart.

2. You crave and eat, spend money with foods without any hesitations. Call it emotional eating or even stress eating, you eat because you know the pain demands to be felt like what John Green mentioned in his book but you’ve been asking “why is it you’re not gaining any weight?” then you realized it is all because of your heart being powerful over the mind.

3. You want to beat him, be a better version of who he is. You improve yourself physically and emotionally. You put make-ups on, you feed your mind, you closed your heart thinking that if karma’s too slow to approach his way, being a better version of yourself would be the best karma when the roads meet again… and crashed each other’s car.

4. Your bestfriend is in-love and you are the reason how they liked each other while you other friend is in a relationship. You know both friends are special and you know you are happy for them but you keep telling yourself that the butterflies in love are lies and keeping to yourself the phrase, “I don’t believe in love fucker…”

5. You want to be pretty and see him flipped and beg his knees. You spend your money with foods that can make you gain weight and then you’ll shop because you’re a girl and you know this is the best therapy you can ever have just to look pretty and put comfort to the mind that you can always get something you want despite the fact you can’t have the heart of the guy you like.

6. You listen to songs that you believe can understand you something like indie songs. Suddenly you’ll feel each lyrics and make a scenario in your mind that you and him are in the song’s music video just to feel a little love you can’t feel from the reality.

7. You know it is not a joke, you know the sentence is a complete non-sense but you laughed so hard… laughing so hard and talking non-stop, when you’re with your friends, to show to the world that you’re happy even deep inside you’re dying and all the organs in you are crying because you know it is no longer the five senses in charge, not even the mind but the stupid heart.

8. Call it bitter, you think of that person over and over and over and over again. This may feel like redundant or in need of an auto correct but you still think of the same person at the end of each day, you thought it is because of hate but the truth is the pondering heart asking to be loved.

9. I-WANT-TO-BE-ALONE-Syndrome. And you know you dont have menstruation.

10. Pretending everything’s okay and reading these perks with a hopeful thinking that everything’s going to go back to how it is used to be but the truth is you just have to let the pain stay and believing someday everything’s going to be alright.



inspired by:

the movie and novel of Ramon Bautista

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