20. The eyes that can make me see stars
19. The annoying laugh that makes me nervous
18. The ID that fell and was returned coolly
17. The hospitality shown in the minority
16. The cheeks that turned red when a minority sang his language
15. The judgement he loves to give with or without basis
14. The arrogance when he knows you are in his car
13. The tongue that can make other tongue curse
12. The cute shirts who doesn’t fit his age
11. The translation he gives when someone’s curious
10. The sleepy drunkard
9. The very unpredictable creature who loves cliff hanger more than a kdrama does
8. The eggs he prefer to eat in a street restaurant
7. The ability to protect friends
6. The tactless actions and words
5. The tagalog curse one would love to hear
4. The secret talent in dancing
3. The ability to play guitar
2. The unappreciative thoughts
1. The ability to make me free from his gravity in a serious downfall

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