As I promised on Twitter, I’m gonna be discussing Teen issues after our Finals (hell week).


I didn’t know before that these two adjective-phrase connected about the word ‘friends’ are different. I didn’t expect to know that it can mean more than its literal meaning — using your friend.


Let’s start with what I think is not good. So, there’s this Hollywood film entitled Friends With Benefits starring heartthrob, Justin Timberlake. I actually haven’t seen that movie but with just the teaser it already shows what the story is about. This isn’t about the movie but what is Friends with BENEFITS in reality.

This is the point where two so-called ‘friends’ (pretend friends, of course! because a true friend won’t be doing this stuff) would engage themselves in a pleasurable act where both pf them would benefit from each other in any form of Physical Contact or sometimes extending to Sexual Contact. Girls may think they benefit and they might be right, but boys are actually the one who’s benefiting without any lost.

No offense meant to any reader or subscriber but I would feel sorry to any girl who will be in this kind of friendship relationship for they are being used and I must say that they deserve a friendship more than that. They deserve respect, and they must start it within themselves. If you’re a girl you actually don’t need any pleasure in your body if ever you think you need that’s only Psychological! It’s a matter of self – respect. (okay,I am talking here if and only if there’s no strings attached, because what if there’s a party that’s willing to be in this relationship because they are in-love or what… this blog is an exception.)


Now, let’s go the what i think is really bad. This is a type of a friendship where there’s no mutual pleasure happening. Instead it is like a Parasite Relationship where only one who’s getting and benefiting and the other party will not be receiving anything in return except for having a fake friendship.

It is like; One is befriending someone to be able to have a free snack because the other will supply the food. A relationship where ‘parasite-ing’ can really be seen without further thinking.

Both types of relationship/friendship is a big NO, NO and one would be surely benefit one. But the one who was gotten by something or anything can either be pleasure-d or parasite-d. No one would want to experience these two types of friendly benefit style and surely one might find himself/herself denying the fact that they are at this point but who wouldn’t want to find the real meaning of friendship? Isn’t it? 🙂


      1. Yun nga eh. Next time they ask me for something, I’m not giving it to ’em. Para bang namamansin lang kasi sila pag may kailangan sila sa ‘kin. >.<


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