to my first love,

And it was early in the morning when I was reviewing, that I suddenly want to make a poem to someone that’s special to my heart since then.


Title: HIDE & SEEK

Do you still remember the day

We used to run and play

Those days we played hide and seek

Remember the day, we first danced?

The touch of your hand that if I may, I won’t let go

To feel you, near to me as we move side by side

Remember the day, you continuously break my heart?

Unknowingly, my first love had broken my heart for the nth time

And how each day, I have to struggle to act like everything’s okay

As we grow old from being child to adult

Nothing has changed, we are who we are

The cycle is always the same

The cycle has been the same

You’d like her, you’ll love, you’ll hurt me

You’d like her, you’ll love, you’ll hurt me

Remember the day, I first felt you’re mine?

The best view I’ve seen in my life

Five hours together, there was only you and me

Remember the day you saw me cry because of another guy?

And you wiped my tears

Having you by my side

Then I realized; if being with you like that day is to have a broken heart

so, I’ll be in a relationship and teach boys to give me teary – eyes

so that I can be with you again, even just as a friend

And every day with you is the sweetest place I’ve been

And you are the-the same  child I loved and been loving since 9

Remember the days we played hide and seek

Nothing has changed, regardless of how many years have passed

I’m still a child who’s been hiding and haven’t seen by you.

– Tsukuxia

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