Well, we all know, that before Dara become a member of 2ne1 where her stardom all over Asia rises, she was first a Korean, living in the Philippines.

In Philippines, she joined ‘STAR CIRCLE QUEST’ where she became a total celebrity! Having a title known as, “Pambansang Krung Krung“. She left the Philippines, saying she’ll be studying in South Korea. (But now, I know what’s the REAL reason why she left Philippines; to pursue her dream in S. Korea, in which i support her).

In the days that she’s not in the Philippines, a reality show titled ‘Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition’ was aired, where a Half Chinese-Filipino Kim Chiu won making her the next big star of the station, ABS-CBN.

Sandara, a Korean, returned, making their both fans comparing them (Kim Chiu and Sandara). I have to admit, that she really lose her popularity in the Philippines, but thank God! She became a very very well known member of 2ne1 now. 🙂

What’s great about that is, SANDARA now known as Dara, still loves her Filipino fans, acting like she’s a real Filipino by heart. 🙂

She sang her hit song in the Philippines, ‘In or Out’ in Korea and even speaking in Filipino in some of 2ne1’s attended event.

This video, made me love her so much.

She knows, that LEE MIN HO is popular in the Philippines, that she made the whole Filipino girls envy her. By saying “..kasama ko si Goo Jun-pyo, inggit kayo noh?” (Im with Goo Jun-pyo, you’re envy right?) … that was really funny! :DD

I wish Sandara Park all the best in her career! And I believe that, whatever she is achieving now, is because she is blessed because she have a good heart.


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