Dear Lee Min-ho,

Why is it your so hot? Why is it you’re much more more more handsome now compare to your character in BOF? Is it your hair in Perfect Match that made you that handsome???? Oh man! I love every physique of yours .. you are like a perfect man personally.. =) Your small eyes! Your nose, your lips and how you smile.. your body, though you dont have ABS and great attitude .. (yeah! I know, you are building your body for you next series)!!! 🙂

See! Im already researching about you, Oh Lee Min Ho! You have a great sin to me.. You just made me forget of Jang Geun Suk’s ever funny, lovable and cute face. =)

This is me, i tend to like something / someone too much, but when i dont see it, i tend to lose my feeling s over it. 🙂

Dearest Min Ho, i loved your character in Perfect Match, which is Jeon Jin Ho.. my twitter friend @maizey8s have demonstrated through her blog how it feels to have Jin Ho as the guy to show to someone’s mom.. yeah! :))) I agree with her! Jin Ho is the best and not perfect partner for every girl. 😀

PS: Have a great body!:) Lols! You’ll near to perfect! 😀

– Krizia

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