Coming home from school, tired yet great that I don't have a work, I watched a talk show from Philippines (Kris TV) and their topic is about relationships. It just made me think how God is great to know and plan everything for you that no matter how many disappointments ones life have. Miss Universe, [...]


How would one say everything she feels to that one person who feels so unreachable but seems not? Will this be love or obsession or admiration. Lyrics:  It’s raining again Maybe you’re out there Somewhere.. with your RUBBER BOAT Fearless about anything Just letting the water flows Can you imagine how crazy I am Looking [...]

BACKTRAX: Lee Seung Gi have met his SNSD crush.

  Lee Seung Gi has successfully finished his MC initiation with the cheers of SNSD’s Yoona, who also happens to be his ideal girl. Congratulations to singer/actor MC Lee Seung Gi, who made his first debut on SBS’s Kang Shim Jang! It was reported that, despite it being his first filming of a show as [...]