My new found love for succulents

Since the pandemic started, like everyone else, it took a huge toll on my mental health. I found different activities to keep myself busy and to continue balance my work-life routines.

I always like travelling around spring and summer but with travel restrictions, my spring and summer this year will probably all about adapting to the ‘new norm’. For someone like me who likes to be on my feet and loves to be busy, I tried learning new skills like biking and baking. I also found myself listening to different music genres other than kpop and found a new comfort in staying at home reading books or listening to self care podcasts.

Another thing that keeps me busy these days is my new found love for succulents! My old self wouldn’t even bother maintaining outdoor plants, let alone, indoor plants. I preferred plastic/ artificial plants as a decor without any maintenance at all. However, since the pandemic started, I have too much love to give and too much time to share that keeping plants are great to share my energy and time.

Here are some of my succulents, that I got for myself and also received from my family and friends.