Since my graduation last October (See this:, I haven’t posted in a while and that is mainly because I was busy studying for my NCLEX-RN exam. According to Kaplan Test Prep , The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) determines if someone could begin practice as an entry-level nurse, testing theories through the application and critical thinking in making nursing judgments. That said, I’m grateful and blessed to say that I passed my NCLEX-RN exam and now practicing as a Registered Nurse.

Background: I struggled to study because I have a short attention span and couldn’t give my whole attention on reviewing for 4-6 hours straight. I thought I could read the whole Saunders book but I gave up after only finishing two units in a month. I also bought Picmonic thinking that I am a full visual learner. I got myself qdnurse flashcards, which I also wasn’t able to utilize because of time constraints.

Here are my tips I wish to share with others if I would do my NCLEX again:

1. Know what type of learner you are.
Are you a visual learner? Do you like reading? Or do you prefer reading and jotting down notes? What worked best on your study habits as a Nursing student? Always remember that before you have reached this period in your life that you’re preparing NCLEX, you’ve surpassed tons of exams in Nursing school. Look back and see, what worked well for you.

2. Relax before you study
Do what you want before devoting yourself to studying. If not, you will end up wanting to do fun things which could affect your attention while preparing for the exam. (I reviewed for NCLEX again after Nursing school and took my exam after graduation. I never had the chance to de-stress and relax, which caused more inattention span on my review periods).

3. Make a calendar. Plan your study schedule & exam ahead of time.
Picmonic, Saunders, Kaplan, and other study tools are good in providing calendars to test takers based on their pre-assessment exam results. In that way, you will be able to review and prioritize based on your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Book your exam ahead of time… but never tell it to anyone.
Book your exam early to give yourself ample time to prepare. While some people including myself wanted to book the test when they feel ready. I find that with NCLEX-RN, you’ll never feel ready at all.

Also, keep it secret. Telling it to others will add more pressure on you so keep it confidential between yourself and your support people.

5. Take care of yourself
While you’re studying how to take care of patients/residents/clients, it is so important that you also apply those that you read for yourself. Get 6-10 hours of sleep if you wish. Eat well, exercise and pray. Keep your physical, mental and spiritual health healthy.

Here’s a video of myself sharing my NCLEX experience:


Studying for NCLEX is hard enough, taking it is far more stressful. However, despite that always remember that every effort you put into preparing for the exam will all be worth it. Good luck and God bless.

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