I was quick to forget everything that happened in a year of liking a person & another 6 months of being attracted to him until December 16, 2011, came and everything that happened. In a snap flashed back into my mind.

The last day I have longed to wait since I started to stop attending classes because our Visa approval had arrived. The question of what color he will wear that can either be ‘green or red’ was answered… He was wearing a red t-shirt exactly the same shade I was wearing.

It is the last day I could meet my college inspiration, my kryptonite… I had only wished to see him and his eyes just for the last time, and I’m so thankful that we were able to have interactions; with me still being at home in the class since I left… They forced me to join a game where the truth is I really want to join too, but I have to act like hard to get. In the end, I joined the game, lose and was able to go back in the final round to be my crush’s partner! So Funny Bones was the game; a lip to lips was the prank and ended up the butt to cheek pose. That was really fun! It was so awkward and funny, but that was a great start to my last day.

A picture shows a thousand words. I would actually like to say lots of things about this picture but with the demand of my block mates especially my friends; it resulted to this.

The party was about to end when I gave Apolla a gift and she gave a farewell saying to me that started others go to me and bid their goodbye since I’ll be leaving for Canada, January 2012. He was on the other side of the room just looking at the other side of our four corner room, as what my friend, Rich had observed. I cried and felt the pain in my heart that I can feel how emotionally attached I am to them for the 3 years, I was able to spend with them.

After a few minutes, being content with a picture as a remembrance, I decided not to look for him anymore to make things easier for me. While I was talking to my friends, exchanging gifts with them… I was surprised to see him beside me hearing “bye-bye” come from his mouthI was stretching my right hand to his left hand, but he quickly declined it, I don’t know if he knows I am trying to shake hands with him until he raised his left hand and put chocolate syrup on my face and he quickly left the room.

Whatever the reason behind that action, I find it really touching, and significant that blew me away. If we were able to shake hands, I would say “Thank You, for being a talent booster in k-pop especially he was our manager and for turning my world upside down”… But all those things were left unsaid, and I guess it is better off that way.

I am 18, and it’s little absurd to blog about this childhood-like feeling and story. I know this is too far from love, and not too near from crush… But this is an affection that I will forever remember.

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