I’m falling inlove.

The most scary thing to admit, is that I am falling inlove with this person who doesn’t even appreciate the things I am doing. I thought this is only a crush and I won’t fall because I love someone but I just realized yesterday, that it isn’t admiration or whatsoever… this is LOVE.

Well is started with this; I’ve been texting with the one ‘I love for a decade’ for like a night and a day and when he opened up that he’s courting a woman. I was shocked and more surprisingly, there’s no pain! But surely, my heart is having a lie-low attitude… One day it’ll go back to its place.

And with this another guy. I have a commotion with him, that everyone around us has been asking me to stop looking at him as the moon. I know I’m hurting myself but I just can’t let go. What the heck! I must be crazy. And in this, I realized and admitted; it isn’t just like nor like… it is love. I pity myself.

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