BIGBANG’S VIPs word war with 2PM’s HOTTEST.

So, before you start reading this blog, I’d like to say I am a JYP BIAS. Though, I’m all for JYP, and a HOTTEST member, I still sing and listen to BigBang’s song.

So after watching DREAM HIGH, written by the JYP Entertainment CEO, Park Jin Young, my heart and love for 2PM grows a lot more than what it used to be especially to Ok Taecyeon.

Days after Taecyeon and Nickhun along with other 2PM members retweeted the tweet about their come back song “Hands Up”, I’ve been seeing a lot of word war between VIP and HOTTEST.

And seriously, the video link is a place for the HOTTEST since it’s the teaser for 2PM’s comeback. But sad to say, I don’t know what’s with those BIGBANG fans to post harsh comments claiming that 2PM imitated BIGBANG.

It made me feel disappointing that they actually claim the video for BIGBANG because of the title and the setting which is the bar.

You know, it’s only a matter of giving respect. Those BIGBANG VIPs commenting on the video are so small minded that they actually say that all the concepts (almost all) are copied.

Why would the one who create the International Star, RAIN just copy to a BIG BANG right? Make sense VIPs.

You can actually watch the video teaser here:

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