Lee Min Ho, who was born in the Year of the Rabbit, is now 25 years old this year. He busily preparing for his upcoming drama, “City Hunter” which is planning to air in May. I was able to catch an interview with him. I asked him about what he thought about the actors who were born in the same year as him, and he answered, “I’m happy to be born in the same year as Han Hyo Joo, Moon Geun Young, and others. I’m hoping that each of us will do great in 2011.” Han Hyo Joo, Moon Geun Young, Lee Seung Ki, etc. were all born in 1987 and had a strong year in 2010, and it seemed as if Lee Min Ho felt more weight upon his shoulders.

Next, I asked him about his character in the upcoming SBS drama, “City Hunter,” which is planning to air in May. He answered, “The character that I’ll be playing in “City Hunter” has a multidimensional character. He’s an extravagant person who doesn’t know what to do when a beautiful woman approaches him. However, there’s always a reason behind his every move,” which showed how much he was interested in his character from the drama. He also added, “From the original “City Hunter” manga, the character Ryo Saeba showed a shining personality on the outside, but on the inside, he was a man full of secrets and love.”

Lee Min Ho appeared on “Boys Over Flowers” in 2006, and held a top star image upon his shoulders for the past two years. He had a difficult time trying to pick his next project because of the pressure that he was getting from his image. He said, “It’s really hard trying to pick the next project, but once I choose a project, I focus all of my attention to it. I get myself out from all the pressure, and think positively about my efforts.”

“I do have my flaws, so I carry the desire of wanting to work with the amazing seniors who can teach me how to improve them,” which showed his modesty and seriousness towards his dream of becoming a “sincere actor.” He also said, “Even if the role of the character does not stand out, my dream is to become an actor who can sink into his character and give his best. I would also like to be a sincere actor who can not only adapt into his character, but also with the presence around him.” He’s been carrying this desire for 6 years now ever since he became an actor.

These days, it becomes a hot topic when top stars are known for their good looks and witty comments. I asked the good looking actor Lee Min Ho about what he thought about his own looks. He answered, “I don’t have any complaints about my looks, but if I had to choose one, my face gets bloated easily. Sometimes, I even had to shoot overnight because of it. I’ve tried my best with dieting and exercise, but it’s really difficult,” and laughed.

I also asked him what made him most attractive. He answered, “I think it’s my friendly personality. I’m not sure if it was because I was surprised by how some people said my first appearance came off cold, but I try my best to be friendly to show that I am a friendly person.” He also added about his age, “Since I’m 25 years old, I think of Christmas, but I also heard it’s the broken age,” and laughed.

I asked what his New Years resolution was, and he answered, “First off, I hope that “City Hunter” will go smoothly and become successful. Also, I hope to grow healthier throughout the year.” Lastly, he added, “I hope there will be a lot of happiness to my fans throughout the year of 2011,” and didn’t forget about his fans.

Original Source: etoday.co.kr
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


  1. hoping that in the near future, I can still see your face in a different role in the big screen not only in Asia but in Hollywood!God bless you and more power!


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