MGIGumiho’s SHIN MIN AH, refused to do ‘Full House 2’ !

After starring in the hit Super Idol Drama, ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, beaustiful actress Shin Min Ah declined the lead role for Full House 2!


Shin Min-ah has announce her refusal to take part in drama Full House season 2. Recently, media said that SBS is making such a consideration and seems like Shin Min-ah is the right choice.

Shin Min-ah agency side, to Newsen admitted that they agreed to join in the past, but earlier, they has refused the offer.


Kim Jong Hak Production Studio also explained that Full House season 2 is being planned to make an advance stage but nothing has been decided yet. Broadcaster, actors, and script haven’t been determined as well.

From the original comic,”Full House” drama in 2004, both Rain and Song Hye-gyo appeared in the drama and attracted high popularity.

S : Newsen

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9 thoughts on “MGIGumiho’s SHIN MIN AH, refused to do ‘Full House 2’ !

    1. I guess, it is because Shin Min ah and T.O.P are rumored ex couple.. Last year or Last 2 years ago, they were rumored-ly seen goin to each other’s dorm making the public say that they were dating.


  1. for me Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are Best couple to this project Full House 2!.. .

    Maybe she can change her decision if lee seung Gi is the lead actor of Full house 2. .


    1. i think it would have been great if she accepted the proposal ‘coz the role really fits her but if lee seung gi is not going to be her partner, then that drama will still not turn out as good as MGIG…

      …so is it a right decision?. .
      ..i think so . .


      1. yeah..i also think so…and if they’re going to star in this drama then i’m watching it!


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