To start this review, I’d like to say that I really don’t have any plans watching this drama. I bought a dvd because my friend, named, Agnes loves Lee Seung Gi. I’ve been seeing “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” in my twitter timeline before, but I still dont have any interest in it. Park Shin Hye was there as a cameo, and so I watched her appearance in Youtube, that’s it!

But before our Christmas vacation ends, it just popped my mind to watch this series. Just to give a try, since that time, I have nothing to do and really bored with what I was doing.

Great surprise, it’s only episode 1, and I was really laughing hard! :))) I can’t believe it, I am liking this show. I learned to love the songs, that I am always replaying if in not our speaker, in my headset and if not in my headset, it’s singing in my mind. “Saranghe…”

But its not about the song, it’s about the story, that I desperately want to be a fox to see the meaning of true love. I just cant explain the feeling I had while watching it, I’m like a crazy girl, laughing so loud, then will cry silently.

That’s MY GIRLFRIEND IS GUMIHO! The scene I’ve waited for so long, PARK SHIN HYE SCENE, was one of the main reason for watching it, that it turned out to be one of the funniest scene in the series.

This show also tells me how someone like Cha Dae Woong changed for the girl he loved despite of their differences.

And lastly, the ending I’ve been waiting for, was a real tear jerking scene.


Yet, I am glad that it ended really nicely! 🙂 Though there’s still questions is my head, how come she returned and why did she disappear? I know it’s the grandmother… but … (I dont want to spoil anyone)

To Hong Sisters, thank you for making me crazy for your another story. First it was with You’re Beautiful and now with My Girlfrend is a Gumiho! You really have bright minds! :))))

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