Jang Geun-seok from ‘Marry Me, Mary!’ suddenly became lame


Right before the last episode, Kang Moo-keyol (Jang Geun-seok) suddenly became lame.

On the 15th episode of ‘Marry Me, Mary’, Kang Moo-kyeol started to question the relationship between Jeong-in (Kim Jae-wook) and Mary (Moon Geun-yeong).

Since both Moo-kyeol and Jeong-in compete each other throughout the drama due to their double marriage condition, Moo-kyeol’s change is just sudden. Although he saw Mary and Jeong-in’s back-hug scene, this wouldn’t be a big deal for Moo-kyeol.

Back-hug was Jeong-in’s unilateral touch. Since Moo-kyeol already knows Jeong-in’s love toward Mary and his love toward her, this was unnecessary jealousy. All the things Mary and Moo-kyeol did together turned into nothing due to this incident.

Since this is second-last episode, audiences can guess that this drama needed something powerful to create conflict. Since the love between Mary and Moo-kyeol became untouchable and Jeong-in didn’t even much time to present his feelings, the ending became so predictable.

But it was hard for production team to end drama like that, so they created forced conflict which can ruin the relationship until the resolution. This forced setting made a lot of viewers angry and even feel careless about this drama.


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