My Baek Sueng Jo,

I just came from my best friend’s 18th birthday party, but it’s like I was the one who had a party since I’m crying because of happiness…

Here’s the story…

Tonight, I want to say that I want the ‘Playful Kiss’. I feel like I am Oh Ha Ni for today (12:05 midnight), I just saw my Baek Seung Jo now, who first acted as if he is cold when he first entered my best friend’s party, leaving an impression on me that he’s MY BAEK SEUNG JO. (but I don’t know if I was Oh Ha Ni or Yoon Hae Ra)

I am praying I will pick his name on the raffle for our exchange gift that will happen at our Christmas party. The first time we picked, I didn’t choose his name, until there was an error committed in the names, so the picking of our monitor/monitor was repeated for the second time, but there was a mistake again, and so I went to the comfort room and prayed that for just a day, I want to be Oh Ha Ni, where my luck to our fate will follow my will. And so, the THIRD and the last picking of the monitor/monitor happened.

Still, I didn’t pick his name… BUT GUESS WHAT?!! He picked my name. Gosh, I want to cry when HE TOLD ME THAT. Can’t he just surprise me? I felt, I was ‘Oh Ha Ni’; I felt her joy and happiness whenever something good is happening between her and ‘Baek Seung Jo’. I want to cry, and I want to hug everyone, but I can’t because they will notice me.

Now, as you read, you may say I am over acting or whatsoever. Don’t worry I also felt that while watching PLAYFUL KISS AND IT STARTED WITH A KISS, but maybe this is the feeling of a girl’s heart when GOD ALLOWED HER REQUEST. I don’t care any matter, what he will give me.

Oh! I remember the last time he gave me a gift was when we were grade 4 (letter), grade 5, (now we are 2nd year college)… he picked me in the raffle as his monitor. =D two years ago, between Christmas Day and New Year, December 30 to be exact, he asked me what movie do I want to watch, and so we dated!!! I can’t believe that after grade 5 the year 2008, he’ll be giving me again a gift. Again, I DON’T CARE, if the gift he will give accidentally happened or not. But, one thing is for sure, I won’t commit the same mistake that I did when I was grade 4 & grade 5 losing those stuff he had given me, I will treasure it. ❤

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