I can see through her the past that killed me a million times; the pain and torture I once tried to endure and all the feelings that I should've just hid. I can see through her the blessings in the pain; to value the friendship, to begin again and to love someone so deeply even after [...]

What kind of heart doesn’t look back?

It scares me how hard it is to remember life before you. I can't even make comparisons anymore, because my memories of that time have all the depth of a photograph. It seems foolish to play games of better and worse. It's simple a matter of is and is no longer. (DL)

What it is not to look back?

The pleasure of remembering had been taken from me, because there was no longer anyone to remember with. (TFIOS)


You've thought about the future more than once and dream of life that you would want to live. Yet you've been living in the past, suffocating you but still you chose to stay.  


Everything has changed but you still don't know how to live with it and all you got to do is to absorb all the new things that had happened, live with the past and reminisce every butterflies in the stomach you once had.