South Korea has been personally my favourite country since I was fourteen years old. Through their Korean dramas, I found myself slowly falling for their culture, traditions, foods and most especially their celebrities. Since then, my life has been greatly influenced by the Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, which has become one of the [...]

Surprisingly seeing Korean foods.

I was on my way home with a friend; Underground floor of Grand Central in Monumento when my friend told me that there's a Korean convenience store there. Yeah! It is a lot like 7-11, where everything are like ready to eat goods except the part where they are frying/steaming dumplings and serving a korean [...]

Korean Fever in the Philippines.

So it all started with the F4 fever; Meteor Garden, Jerry Yan, Barbie Xiu, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu… Every Korean fan girl or if there’s even a fan boy knows them. Since ABS-CBN aired Meteor Garden on May 05. 2003 everything about media has changed. Filipino telenovelas who usually took 3 to [...]