Since second year, when ‘It Started With A Kiss’ was aired in the Philippines, I’ve been wondering why do I don’t like watching the show, well, I mean, I’m watching it, but though I love what’s happening, I can’t appreciate its story… Maybe, it’s because it’s too idealistic that it does not happen in real life and only in a love story.

Now, watching its Korean version, ‘Playful Kiss’, because many friends have recommending and asking me to watch it… I still do feel the same in my point of view of its story. I love the jokes, I love the fashion, I love the actors and how they act, but I can’t appreciate its story. And it made me wonder again, what’s wrong with me?

After watching the Playful Kiss’ episode 6, staying up until 1 am… before I slept that mornight, I realized why! It’s because I envy her, I envy how she ended up with the guy she really really likes the most. How her fate becomes so lucky, where destiny is always on her side. Watching it, gives me a wishful thinking… WHAT IF, what if I was her and the one I liked will like me. It may be so absurd, but my first blog using this WordPress account may look like some kind ‘bitter’, but watching that show made me think I was her and the one I like was him.

Watching the Korean version, made me remember him too much, seeing Seung Jo carry Ha Ni at his back made me remember the time when we were Junior Highschool where he carry me in a game, but we didn’t made it. My thoughts and feelings are just like the Ha Ni’s… But the ending would always be different because the one I looked Seung Jo, doesn’t feel the same why in the story’s plot.

Ha Ni or Jeannie (Ph dubbed Taiwanese Version) feeling started when they were freshman, when she first saw Seung Jo or Michael (PH dubbed TW version), comparing it to mine, it started way back gr.5 and till now that we are college, FRIENDSHIP is all we have.

And dreaming as it may seem, it would end up in that way because he had a relationship with my closest friend… (But that’s another story)

My life’s love story can’t be like IT STARTED WITH A KISS or PLAYFUL KISS’ plot, making me hate the story, though I am always watching it. I wish the lead female’s luck would also be mine… the one that I’ve been knowing for 12 years and I’ve been liking for 8 years will never never be Seung Jo, and the fact I can also never be Oh Ha Ni.

And maybe whoever are you reading this, pity me or what…


  1. Reading this is like drinking coffee…I can taste the bitterness😂 Your love story may not have ended like Playful Kiss’…but the RyZia tandem falls nothing short with the kilig factor❤️


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