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I enjoyed watching this series that I didn’t notice that I’m near to its last episode. The plot is simple like the others gender binder thingy and some political stuffs from Joseon Dynasty, Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young have that chemistry and one thing that left me after watching its feel good funny ending is that I love Yoo Ah In so I’m going to watch Fashion King and I like Song Joong Ki and lastly, I’m a JYJ fan.

There’s no character you’ll not love maybe at the end you’ll learn but everything about this series is just so wonderful. My favorite episode is when Geol Oh/Moon Jae Shin knows Kim Yoon Shik is a girl! I swear, I love to see Geol and Yoon Shik end up with each other.

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But I still love the ending though, especially the Joseon Quartet, damn they are all handsome! Even the antagonist president and her little sissy stalker. I love everything about this drama, even the OST.

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